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AIHG leaders bring over 120 years of collective experience in the development and management of American-standard healthcare facilities and services. Engagements have ranged from advising clients on the optimal approach to meeting the needs of their primary markets to structuring creative financing and project management approaches to make their projects a reality


The AIHG team has worked on over 15 projects in which clients asked to develop new greenfield hospital projects in a number of worldwide locations. The team works with the projects’ owners to develop a feasibility study for the hospital which suggests a sustainable project size and scope. Upon the owners’ concurrence, the team works on behalf of the owner with architects, construction companies and advises the sponsor on funding sources for the project.

During construction, AIHG places a project manager at the project site to work with the project team to oversee design and construction. The project manager also directs medical and non-medical equipment planning and acquisition and is responsible for developing the appropriate governance 

structure, and works with the governing body to develop and implement operating policies and procedures, and develop strategic plans for the new organization.

As construction nears completion, AIHG executives on-site direct all startup activities, including licensing, equipment commissioning, staff recruitment, orientation, and training, and prepare the hospital to open. Once opened, AIHG assumes management of day-to-day operations of the hospital on behalf of the owner and governing body of the hospital.


As “Turnaround Specialists”, members of the team have worked with hospitals that were underperforming or in bankruptcy. AIHG consultants guide teams of professionals whose mission is to restore hospitals to profitability and clinical excellence.

The teams conduct a thorough assessment of each facility including capital structure, debt evaluation, clinical practices, medical staff evaluation, staffing patterns, facility and life safety issues, governance structures, strategic direction, contractual relationships with insurance companies and market analysis.

Depending upon the results of the analysis, specific actions are put into place to mitigate the problematic issues. The actions may include debt restructuring,  additions to the medical staff, an alteration of the staffing and clinical patterns of care. The teams work with owners, lenders, physicians, and others to develop a strategic plan to provide strategic direction and guide future efforts. In some cases, the turnaround plan may include building renovations, new equipment, or even facility replacement. certain circumstances decisions must be made as to physical alteration of the facility.

AIHG consultants have been successful in transforming multiple hospitals from underperforming facilities into viable well-functioning institutions for the communities they serve.


AIHG team members have worked with clients in the United States, United Kingdom, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia to develop innovative financing programs and joint venture arrangements with local physicians and other local partners that allow the project sponsors to develop, design, and operate a variety of world-class healthcare facilities. These facilities have provided sustainable solutions to the healthcare needs of the local communities.

AIHG also provides their clients with project management solutions that incorporate:

  • Financing alternatives utilizing AIHG’s network of funding sources including such organizations as the Overseas Private Investment Corporation,
         Export-Import Bank of the United States, governmental sovereign funds, and private equity sources.
  • Design assistance from some of the leading healthcare architects in the world
  • Capital asset planning and management
  • Project operations management plans that integrate health and medical services and facility planning

Our experience in both the US and overseas markets also involves early-stage physician involvement/equity investment in a project, providing important incentives that help to ensure both the early and long term financial success of projects.


The Client: A privately-held, multi-facility, specialty physician company located in a large urban center in southwest Asia.

The Project: Evaluate the feasibility of developing an acute-care hospital in a healthcare a market dominated by two large health systems. After meeting with client principals, the engagement was re-focused to perform an assessment of the client's facilities, and develop a market strategy based on existing client capabilities. Services included operations and financial evaluation of the client's nine clinic and surgical facilities, the level of physician engagement, service capacities and opportunities for expansion and diversification, management structure, and the development of a market strategy for the corporation.

Deliverables: Detailed financial and operations assessment of existing facilities, with individualized development/replacement plans for each facility. Strategic diversification strategy to add complementary clinical services in new medical and surgical specialties within existing facilities. Other deliverables included recommendations to improve physician engagement and retention, resource allocation and management structure, and opportunities to improve clinic operations and increase productivity.

AIHG consultants have collaborated with clients worldwide to deliver feasibility evaluations and business plans for new hospitals and ambulatory facilities, operations assessments and system evaluations of newly-acquired and existing hospitals, and other healthcare consulting projects.



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